Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts:  Los Angeles is the birthplace of Internet. October 29, 1969 first message was sent between computers at UCLA Lab. Leonard Kleinrock's engineering lab at UCLA transmitted its first message to a twin machine in Menlo Park, Calif. (The message was the first two letters of the command "Login.")

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts: There are 10 towns/cities named Hollywood in the United States

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts:  It is illegal to drive more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at one time. - Hollywood, California

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts:  When tourists visit LA, they often want to visit the beaches where "Baywatch" was filmed, such as Will  Rogers State Beach and Venice Beach. Actually Malibu Beach inspired the popular series

California Sightseeing Fun Facts: Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school or place of worship

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts:  The first Junior Rose Festival parade was held in June 1918

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts:  The Hollywood Neighborhood was named after the Hollywood Theater which opened on July 17th, 1926 with the silent movie, "More Pay-Less Work"

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts:  Whoopi Golberg’s real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts:  The famous golden statuette "Oscar", formally named the Academy Award of Merit, got its more popular moniker "Oscar" when Academy librarian Margaret herrick said it resembled her uncle Oscar.

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts: There are 1,500 murals located around Los Angeles

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts: Downtown LA is the top filming location, with City Hall one of the top locations. ("Mildred Pierce", "War of the worlds", "The Heat"). the Westin Bonadventure hotel (" True Lies") is also famous

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts:  The county coastline from Malibu to Long beach is 72 miles (116km) long, and has a beach attendance of 53.8 million annualy

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts: The city has the largest street system in the US, requiring 1,500 workers and 75 million per year to maintain

Los Angeles Sighsteeing Fun Facts: See's Candies, the high-end confectioners, started in a small kitchen on Western Avenie in 1921

Los Angeles Sightseeing Fun Facts:  Placido Domingo is the general director of the LA opera


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